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Responsive WordPress Websites.

Elev8 Digital specialise in WordPress websites. We build our sites from the ground up, and optimise them for all devices. We build high quality, robust and update friendly WordPress themes. Combine this with our WordPress optimised hosting platform, and you'll have a site which is fast, SEO friendly, and responsive.

Responsive Web Design

We build websites from the ground up, to work in all devices. With the thousands of devices in the world, your site must look the part in all of them and secure you business.

Modern Technology

We ensure every site we build is coded to not only the highest standard, but also the most modern ones. From HTML5 and PHP7 to Nginx on our Web Servers with Varnish.

Optimised for People.

Your users are your customers. We tailor the whole website experience to your users, ensuring they can find what they want, with as little effort as possible.

We <3 Mobile

60% of mobile users browse the internet on their phone or tablet. Don’t lose out on that potential business! You can have a website which is optimised for mobile devices for both speed and sales generation. Every project we work on is optimised for mobile and tablet before desktop, so the users get the best experience.

Mobile is taking over the world. Don’t get left behind.

Designed for All Devices

Our designers spend hours getting designs just right. Equipped with 5K iMac's we can cater for all devices. We design for mobile, tablet & desktop so all your users get a site which they can use with ease, without compromising the goal of the website.

Hand Coded WordPress Themes

To ensure pixel perfection and full control, all of our WordPress themes are hand coded from scratch. With valid code, built with search engines in mind, we make sure your site performs at its best. Hours of time is put into ensuring the theme is as flexible as possible. You never know when you might want to add new functionality!

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